About Ashuna

Ashuna Aashana is a world renowned spiritual life coach and psychic medium who currently calls Dallas Texas home. She grew up in the cold and snow just outside of Minneapolis Minnesota and from a very early age was able to tune in and connect to the energies around her. Detail oriented and empathic, she often recalls the story her mother used to tell of her needing to have someone watch her brother so she could take a shower before someone came to house. Without even knowing she was reading her moms mind she turned to her and said I’ll watch him.

Hearing the calling of spirit after getting her aura photo taken in 2017 she jumped in with both feet taking many classes and learning from top readers and healers in the Dallas, Texas area to help her expand her gifts. She is an empath, intuitive, and healer who is far from average. Her abilities include oracle card and intuitive readings along with traveling past lives, reading akashic records and trance channeling high vibrational beings of love and light. Working closely with her guides including her twin flame in spirit Prince she would welcome an opportunity to bring forward messages and guidance for you.

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